Indoor Cricket Net Facility

The Board of Governors and Trustees has continued with its programme of providing better sporting opportunities for learners at the school.  This programme started with the provision of quality coaching, the establishment of a dedicated Sport Department, the upgrading of all sports facilities, and equipping a modern gymnasium facility, and will continue with a focus on skills training and conditioning in selected sports.

The school’s goal is to continue to provide a high quality, all-round education to boys and girls at the school.

The school’s dream is to construct a modern indoor cricket coaching facility where boys are able to train all-year round under any weather conditions.  The facility will have modern technology specifically designed to assist the coach in analysing our boys’ games and preparing our cricketers for the modern game.


Boarding House Bathroom Renovations

The bathrooms at Arthur Kingwill House and Herby Arnott House boarding houses are in need of refurbishment.  Should anyone feel moved to assist in this regard, it would be appreciated.


Boundary Wall alongside the St. James’ Tennis Courts

The boundary of the campus on the corner of Plasket and Park streets is the only section of the boundary which requires renovation and improvement.  The school would like to extend the existing plastered wall and palisade fencing to this are.


Astroturf Coffee Station

This project is also underway and drawings and plans have been drafted by Mr Bernie Weyer of Weyer, Waterson and Roon Architects.  The Coffee Station will allow our supporters and guests to enjoy a warm cup of tea or coffee on cold winter mornings, without them having to walk back to the Tony Burrell Union.  It will be constructed before the end of 2018.